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SkyVista – A beautiful blend of lightweight tiles and glass panels

Make the most of natural light with the Green Warm Roofs SkyVista

Control the temperature of your conservatory whilst making the most of natural light with our new product, the Green Warm Roofs Sky Vista – a combination of our tiled roof system and glass panels! The ultra-clever Sky Vista has excellent U-value properties and effective solar control, meaning you can regulate the temperature of your conservatory whilst allowing plenty of natural light to flow through. Unlike traditional conservatory roofs, the technology behind the Sky Vista means your conservatory will be cool and comfortable on hot sunny days and warm and cosy on cold winter days. Plus, you won’t have to climb up ladders to clean your roof, as the Sky Vista glass is self-cleaning!

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Green Warm Roofs SkyVista
self cleaning
solar control
u-value properties

The Sky Vista can be configured to numerous conservatory styles, including Edwardian, Victorian and Lean-to, and it comes in two colour options, blue and neutral.

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